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- Jah Tubbys World System in Session -

Geel Reggae Festival, Belgium -  4th Aug 2006

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Jah Tubbys World System reach the Geel Festival here ina Belgium and we are playing out in the open with no Tent !!!! Rain-A-Fall but we must  get on and do our works........           Jah Tubbys Crew Getting Back To Nature......

Stringing up the Sound outside ina the Forest.......
The JTS Crew alongside the Geel Festival Crew
who helped set up the covers for the Stacks....
It's going to be pure good
Roots vibes here tonight......

 Crowd is reaching in there Thousands and the Forest is getting Jam-Out..... Pure Darkness out here amongst the Tree's and Rain-is-Falling, But Roots Music is Playing, People are Rocking and the whole Crew are Sending out Positive, Upfull Messages to the People....
Real Roots Vibrations Ina The FOREST ........

Jah Tubbys Crew - Prof. Natty, Dixie Peach, Gregory Fabulous, Errol Bellot Alongside our Long time Bredrens Mikey Channel One and Ras Kaleb Niceing It up the WHOLE Night..... Rain Is Falling Hard !!!! But None of we Care about the Rain as it's RED HOT WITH ROOTS VIBES !!!!!

5  Oclock in the morning and the last couple of Tunes are playing.  Prof. Natty sends out a final message of Love & Guidance to everyone and thanks everyone for reaching.

Ok..... Session is done and we have a long Drive back to England...

We send out thanks to everybody who came to this session and helped
contribute to making it a night of enjoyment and good vibes.

A special thanks goes out to Julian, and the Musical Riot Crew, Mikey and
Ras Kaleb
and all the Geel Festival Crew  ( Photo 7 Above ) who helped us out
with the covers for the Boxes, etc -
Big up yourselves for your hard works....
Especially when it was Raining so hard -


Until the next time - Respect, Love & Guidance to
Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!


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