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- Jah Tubbys World System in Session -

The Minerva Club, Southend-On-Sea 24th Nov 2006

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Jah Tubbys World System back ina Southend....  First time back in the Minerva for many Years.... Prof. Natty alongside Gregory Fabulous and MR. Mackie Niceing up the Area.......
 Jah Tubbys World System by the SeaSide....

The JTS Crew Roots Playing for the People.....

Jah Tubbys Crew - Prof. Natty,  Gregory Fabulous and Mr. Mackie - Sorry only a few pictures this time as the Camera Batteries Run out !!!

Ok..... Session is done and we have to head back
along the A127 to London....

We send out thanks to everybody who came to this session and helped
contribute to making it a night of enjoyment and good vibes.

A special thanks goes out to all the Southend-On-Sea Crew for
there Continued Support over all the Years......


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