Jah Tubbys Pro-Audio Equipment

We manufacture a full range of Professional High Power
audio equipment suitable for the most demanding Sound Systems.

We supply various types of speaker boxes from small
tweeter boxes to massive 24" scoop Bins.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Box Construction

Below is a picture showing the double thick front
panel we use in the construction of our boxes.
This makes the front of the Box very strong. This is
especially important with the Weight of today's
High power speakers.

Front Panel

This picture lets you see some of the Bracing that goes
into the box. Across the mouth of the Horn ( vent ) there
is a 1 inch thick Panel, also as you can see at the back of
the box there is substantal bracing between the back of
the box and the internal panels.

Vent Bracing

Here the picture show's the Finished box awating
sanding and painting

Awaiting Painting
Completed Box

This is the Finished product. This box is shown with
the Speaker and a Circular grill fitted, Full face grills and
Half grills are also available.

Completed Box


Precision Devices - PD1850 18" 600Watt Drivers
Precision Devices Drivers
Precision Devices - PD186 18" 600Watt Drivers
Mckenzie 500 Watt Drivers
Mckenzie - 18" 500Watt Drivers

We offer the option of supplying various different makes
and models of speakers from most of the Major manufacturers.
MidRange Boxes

Flared Midrange Box for 2 x 12 inch speaker's
Flared Midrange Cabinet for 2 x 12" Driver's

We supply various types of Midrange boxes
including multiple driver cabinets and flared

PD912 - 12 inch drivers
Precision Devices - PD912 12" 300Watt Drivers

Please contact us to discuss which Boxes & drivers
would be best suited to your application




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