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Brixton Recreation Centre, London 1st March 2002

- Jah Tubbys World System -


We have to apologize to all the people that came to this session, that due
to some kind of Electrical fault within the building the Mains power kept
switching off and cutting the Sounds off.

A special thanks to everybody who came to the session to support us.

There are only 3 photo's of this session as everybody was busy trying
to get some Mains power so we could play...............

Jah Tubbys Hyper Power ready to play.......

Errol " sound ina Fury "Bellot, Prof. Natty & Stamina  in
front of 1 set of our speaker boxes ..... ( before the power cut off )

Dixie Peach on Jah Tubbys Sound............

Dixie " Pure Worries  "Peach, ina Upfull vibes ready to sing
his new releases ..... ( before the power cut off )

Prof. -give us the power-  Natty... World System....

Prof " give us the power " Natty  ready for a nice session....
.......Just before the power cut off

Don't Forget the next Jah Tubbys session @ chinnery's
Club, is on Friday 15th March 2002 ......
Chinnery's Club Marine Parade, Southend Seafront



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