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Chinnery's NightClub, Southend 11th June 2004

- Jah Tubbys World System -

OutSide Chinnerys Club Southend.........
Outside of Chinnery's club
Southend-on-Sea Seafront...

Welcome to the June Session here @ Chinnerys..
Pure Niceness Every Month...........

 1 Lucky Winner of our Monthly Free Raffle..
 Another Lucky Winner of our Raffle..

The Crowd-a-People + Jah Tubbys World System Ina Pure Niceness.....


Pure Roots Entertainment all Night with the Jah Tubbys
World System Crew Entertaining the Crowd-a-People.......


This Session is Nearly over & the Last Tune is Playing,
The Jah Tubbys Crew sends out thanks and Respect to
Everyone for reaching this session......

Until the next time - Respect, Love & Guidance to
Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

A special thanks to everybody who came to this session
and helped contribute to making it a night of enjoyment
and good vibes.

**  Please Note  **
Chinnery's  has a Over 18's admission Policy, so
to our Younger follower's, please bring some form
of ID with you otherwise the club will NOT let
you in.... Apoligies to the People that couldn't get 
in but this is the club's policy and has nothing to
do with us.....

Don't Forget the next Jah Tubbys session here
@ chinnery's is Friday 9th July 2004 ......
So if you missed this session make sure you
don't miss the next One !!!

Chinnery's Club Marine Parade, Southend Seafront
9pm - 2am

Ok..... It's Time To Go - Trodding back along the
A127 to London.........Until The Next time......



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