Jah Tubbys Top 10 Most Requested Tracks...
@ 31-12-2001

Due to the amount of e-mail's we have
received regarding request's for tunes to be
played @ our sessions we have introduced a
" Top 10 " of the most requested tracks......

If you are coming to any of our session's and would like us 
to play a particular tune for you, ( Old or New ) or to send a 
shout to somebody or to your crew Click Here...
 to send us the details or e-mail -- requests@jahtubbys.co.uk

               Title                                              Artist
1) Talk of the Town                                           Horace Andy 
2) Rastafari is the only way                            Errol Bellot & Dixie Peach 
3) Oh Jah ( Give I the power )                            Johnny Clark
4) Babylon is a trap                                              Dub Judah
5) Kunta-Kinte ( Original + year 2003 style )          Ridim track
6) Mad Rush                                                       Ridim track
7) Pure Worries                                                    Dixie Peach
8) Roots gone International                                   Errol Bellot
9) March all the wicked man                                  Dixie Peach
10) Hooligan ( 69 )                                                Ridim track
Coming up close were.......
Tons of Stepper's dub's
(  sorry people, if you don't know the name's of the tracks, we can't put them down..... )
Rastafari - Prince Alla
I will never give up - Leroy Sibles
Great Tribulation - Hugh Mundell

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